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Farm Drainage Services in Southern Ontario

Any wise farmer would tell you that farm drainage is very important to enhance soil quality. Marquardt Farm Drainage is one of the most trusted farm drainage services in Southern Ontario with over 50 Years of experience. Regular farm drainage helps the removal of excess water in farms, which in turn reduces damage due to crop-diseases and infections while improving the breathability of soil. In addition, farm drainages also increase nutrient-absorption.


At Marquardt Farm Drainage, we offer high-quality farm drainage services for any kind of farm - single field or whole farmlands. Just invite us over and watch your crops improve.

Benefits of Drainage:

Drainage benefits the soil by:

Lowering the water table by removing excess water
Aerating the soil
Increasing fertilizer efficiency
Speeding up soil warming - heat is not used to evaporate excess water
Allowing faster soil warm-up which speeds up germination of seeds
Promoting bacterial and microbial activity, giving more nutrient availability to plants
Reducing erosion by creating a bigger soil reservoir which can absorb rains
Helping to create a better soil structure
Preventing soil structure damage created by working wet fields
Reducing compaction from heavy machinery

Drainage benefits the crops by:

Improving soil conditions - more water, air and fertilizer can reach the roots
Encouraging deep root development in early growth. These deeper roots can reach water more easily in droughty periods
Discouraging disease development which occurs in poorly drained soils
Increasing crop variety and rotation choice
Working the soil and planting earlier
Lengthening the harvesting season
Creating a consistent crop yield year after year

All of these go together to increase yields by approximately 22 - 40%.

Drainage lowers overheads by:

Requiring less horsepower to work the fields and harvest the crop, using less fuel working drier land
Increasing working speeds of field equipment
Eliminating the need to rework or replant
Eliminating the need to work around wet spots
Allowing fewer machines or smaller machines to harvest the crop over more days
Preventing downtime and maintenance costs from being stuck in wet fields
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Drainage provides an outlet for excess soil moisture. This is done through a systematic system of 4” to 12 “ tile installed under ground. This system then drains into the main outlet, either a tile, ditch or water course.


There are many factors that determine a proper drainage design. There are too many to outline here. Therefore give us a call and we can personally explain all these factors to you.

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The provincial government provides farm drainage loans through the local municipality. In most cases, 75% of the job cost can be covered, up to a loan of $50,000/year to a maximum of $150,000.00 at one time. This loan is repaid over ten years at a set interest rate.


Over the years, the interest rate has been 6%. The payments are set at equal instalments paid on your tax bills. Farmers should inquire to the local municipality they are tiling in to ensure their policy is as above. Farmers should also make sure their application is taken to the municipality as soon as possible.

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The Men:

A good company with state of the art equipment can only do good work with first-class operators. Marquardt Farm Drain employs such people, all of whom can draw on years of experience in the drainage industry. All machine operators are well qualified to perform their work, this allows the company to stand behind all workmanship.

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The Equipment:

Today, we install drainage tile with two self-propelled trenchless machines. Using 2 Bron 550’s equipped with GPS, we can install from 4” to 15” plastic tile. We also have a 350 Cleveland wheel machine, which is an open trench machine. This machine can install from 8” to 30” concrete, clay or plastic tile.


Backhoes are also available to do auxiliary work. Drain repairs of old tile, drainage related jobs. Backhoe work can also be done using lasers to control grade.

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We will do a site visit to measure the area to be drained and the lengths of mains needed. After this visit, a preliminary layout will be done. Using the layout measurements, an estimate is produced. Rest assured all estimates are as accurate as possible using the information provided.

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Design and Layout:

A qualified technologist will work with the customer to design a drainage system that will provide the most effective and economic benefit to the farmer. This is done by creating a topographical survey of the area to be drained. A design is then done based on the survey, using the required criteria to develop the most professional system. In some cases, the area is designed in different ways to be able to determine the most cost-efficient and effective design. This also allows the farmers to see the system on paper before the system is installed.

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End Result:

Marquardt Farm Drainage, the company, its people, its equipment and workmanship all go together to produce what the farmer wants, a first-class drainage system. This is proven by our client numbers and tile volume installed.


Marquardt Farm Drainage and its crews are dedicated to achieving the best for its customers.

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For More Information:

Most importantly, the real facts about a drainage system and installation
Background on drainage benefits
Estimates for your drainage project
Updating an existing drainage system
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Looking for expert excavating services in Southern Ontario? We can help.

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