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Your Go-To Drainage Solutions Company in Southern Ontario

Started by three brothers, Earl, Bruce & Jack Marquardt in the 1950s, Marquardt Farm Drainage was started for draining their own farmland. Subsequently, neighbours wanted them to drain their farms, thus the business grew into a full-time venture. The company was then bought by Steven Cronsberry and Ken Connell in 1988, two experienced and dedicated employees to the industry. The business since 1990 is solely owned by Steven Cronsberry, who continues to serve customers in Wellington County and within a 100-mile radius of Palmerston, ON.

The company is based on the philosophy of its owner:

To endeavour to provide the best possible job for the customer. This using the knowledge, experience and state of the art equipment, it has obtained over the past years.
Also, to achieve the respect of the client by providing a quality job, at a competitive cost, and to do our best to serve the customer afterwards.
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